Hey guys I need some help…

I’m in a very unsteady point in a relationship with a woman who but two years ago was unquestionably the love of my life. Last year, something happened when she went to college in the mountains. She became distant and withdrawn, she left me for some guy she felt would be able to reprieve her loneliness. Things haven’t gone well for them… I’ve been in contact with her up to this day and I know the problem she entered into middle of last year. She has some friends, I can’t find out who they are and that’s probably for the best. I don’t know if she was telling me the truth when she claimed it was her idea to try it at first…

The point is, she did… The first time, she explained she didn’t feel well and saw nothing but spots and a headache. She’d gotten a bad batch, they convinced her to try again promising better results. They were right, the second time she explained the feeling of unimaginable euphoria. A total bliss, a feeling of sensuality missing from her life with her present companion. A feeling of love and desire not only from her but of her. That she could feel lusted for and loved, something she has difficulty believing with her low self image.

heroin first time Hey guys I need some help...

She claims that she wants to stop and I believe she is making the effort, but I am keeping it in mind that she has done it several times over the months and will have difficulty doing this on her own.

I need some advice from someone who has had more experience, not only of the help but the recovery from addiction. I’ve read so many things with different outcomes, some so unbearably nihilistic that I can’t help but to fear the worst. Some not so bad, that someone who entered the addiction for a cover up reason may generally break of it after sometimes only three years. Some have claimed that the most heartrending part of the withdrawal, the overwhelming desire and craving for it can be completely overcome in as long as 8 months.

From an honest and cold calculating opinion, I want to know from someone who has dealt with this before…

Do I give her a time frame to expect the worst with a gleam on the horizon, do any of you think that it will be a hope and a thread to grasp onto? Or do you believe that by giving her something like that, she will blanch and give up hope in the face of almost a year of pain?

Anything to help her no matter how much it hurts me, I need the truth but more I need an honest opinion from someone who knows more than I. I’ve overcome an over the counter anti-depressant and anti-psychotic cocktail addiction prescribed to me for years by someone I thought I could trust… I gave it up cold turkey and suffered through months of despair and paranoia, I know she can do the same… How can I help prove this to her?

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3 Responses to “Hey guys I need some help…”

  1. Jess Says:

    It all depends how hooked she is…i was on it for 3 years n iv been clean just under 1 year, It was the hardest thing i ever did, and the only thing that got me clean was going into a detox and gettin put to sleep! The last year has been very hard for me cos heroin causes u to loose ur emotions and these take 1 year to come bk. I hope someone can give her some hope because now i am the happiest i have ever been in my life. But it takes a lot, i was at the point of suicide, and pretended i wanted to get clean when i actually didnt, i wanted to but i didnt want to loose the feeling, but 1 year later, the natural feeling of happiness is SO SO SO SO SO much more better!!!!!
    If u wanna chat email me at jessdove@hotmail.co.uk

  2. paula Says:

    i woz with a heroin addict for five years he woz the love ov my life. He lied he stole. I stood bye him coz it woz an illness he didnt want to live that life but its how life plans out. He went to prison he rote me 2 poems bout heroin. Lady heroin. And cum ride the white horse. I read them poems and at that point i realised id never win. The white horse rode 2 heven then hell wen he need sum smack n lady heroin got him bak. Til death do us part. I ended it with him coz im no contast for heroin nobody is. Thay love you wen there high hurt you wen poorly. X x x

  3. RelapseQueen Says:

    We ain’t easy people to live with. I was with a bloke years back when I was bang into the gear, didn’t give a f*** about him.
    I left him so I could keep on using in peace.
    Lady H got a grip alright and it’s a grip for life.
    She don’t love you bwai, else she wouldn’t have cheated on you, get realistic here mate.
    God I coulda seen a sucker like you comin from a mile off a sucked your finances dry, turned blue with a pin hangin out me leg, have you save my life and then told you to f*** off when you tried to make me get clean.
    If I thought she loved you I’d say try help her but she need to help herself
    She needs to want to stop for real
    Tell her go to a NA meeting they’re amazing, they’ll point her in the right direction.
    I’m only speaking from my own point of view I been an addict 20 years but clean now.
    Yeah NA works if you work it, all the advice I have.

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